Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jack's First Hair Cut!

Jack has been really needing a hair cut so Friday the 13th was the day!  Marna's friend Jeff Millsaps is a barber, so off the Madisonville they went! That place was bu-sy! I met them there at 3:30 and we didn't pull out of the place until after 5:30! Well, it was a Friday and lots of little boys there after school getting their hair buzzed off for baseball.

Note to self:  Do not go on a Friday. Or after all the little boys get off from school.

He loved playing around the shop and didn't cry even once. Of course, Jessie did take him outside a time or two and let him play in the horse shoe pits of the church next door. What could be more fun than that!
And he loved the deer and animal heads that the shop had hanging around. As soon as he saw them he started barking. He thought they were doggies. And he loves his doggies!

Here are a few of the pics that Marna snapped of the big day!

Jeff's Barber Shop
Running and Playing
No Barber Pole but plenty of Cow Skulls!

He loved playing in the old Barber Chair

Wild Hair!

He wanted Mom to hold him.
First Snip!

Looks like a "bonding" moment with the Barber.
Certificate from babyhood  :(

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