Saturday, March 10, 2012

Letting Go of the Ugly Boob Light

Once upon a time there was an ugly boob light. You know the kind that you see in lots and lots of homes.....It was very bland and boring. It gave no definition to the dining area. Just kind of hung there and provided a wee bit of light. Then one day this lady came. She began to paint and move furniture and make plans to replace the ugly boob light with something different.

Now, don't get me wrong. There is a special place for boob hallways, closets, and other indiscreet areas that needn't have a special look or personality.

So here it is, in all it's beauty, just waiting to be replaced. Now the magic question is: What shall the lady replace you with that doesn't have to be hard wired (requiring an electrician) and costs little or nothing. Aha!......

The solution is found at the local Ikea store. A beautiful black drum shade! Just what she was looking for! Now for a look at the price tag......


Well, since she is working on a strict budget, she decided to move on and find another option. She looked in the bargain clearance room in Ikea at the end of her shopping and guess what she found!! TA DA--the same black drum shade with a light kit attached for $10--Now that's what I'm talking about!! She didn't need the light kit of course, but hey, it's only $10 and she will find another use for it. Now to figure out how to hang this thing!

After hours and hours of brain storming, mind mashing, and wondering what on earth she could use to hang up this hugemongous drum shade, she decided to simply get up there and take a look at it.

"Well for goodness sake! All I have to do is unscrew the finial, remove the glass dome, slide on the drum shade and reattach the finial," she exclaimed! It works, it works!! There's only a small gap at the top where the original brass shows, but not enough to cause me panic. She did have a bit of a problem with the light being exposed underneath, and she would still like to find a way to cover it so you don't see the exposed bulbs, but for now she is happy with it.

And the great part is... when it's time to move again, they take down the beautiful black drum shade, replace the glass dome, and they take the shade to the next place that will probably have another boob light!

And the handsome musician can play his stress away underneath the new drum shade in the ultra hip dining room. While the ladies look for more ways to make the house a home. And they all lived happily ever after. THE END! ....or is it?

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