Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yarn Covered MatchBox!

It's magic!

First you see a matchbox....

Now ya don't!

and here's how the magic happened:

I took one of my paper covered matchboxes.
(you see where Jack chewed on the corner, don't look Jessie!)
and swiped over it with glue to make it sticky on all sides.

I started covering it with yarn, like this.

Then, I just simple started wrapping it tightly with the yarn.

You will find it helpful to hold the matchbox
with your fingers as you wrap.

Continue to you have it wrapped completely.
Then, snip off the yarn.
 (I added another dot from the glue stick when I tucked in the yarn.)

Tie a cute bow with a contrasting color.
(I added a dot of glue under the bow)
Now you have  one of a kind gift box that only cost pennies!

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