Monday, February 20, 2012

Spinning a Yarn......Our February Pinterest Party!!

Beginning in January, Crystal decided to begin a fun "excuse" for us all to get

together. Each month a hostess chooses a theme and offers her home to do Pinterest projects. All the projects are

to be found on Pinterest and can be posted to our monthly Pinterest board.


Our February party is everything YARN!!!!

We chose a number of projects and everyone is to bring

their own supplies to share.

February's hostess was Lynette--your blog host for Family, Friends & East Tennessee. I'm guest blogging for her today--so I send everyone a big ole
**You can see Lynette giving us specific instructions for our yarn projects!**

Let's also don't forget a very important part of any party--FOOD!!
We make and bring one of the yummy
recipes that we have found on Pinterest and are wanting to try.

Lynette made Broccoli Cheese soup and cheesy bread! Yummyoli!!

And if you haven't tried this fruit salsa with crispy cinnamon tortillas then you are MISSING OUT!! Thanks to Sandy we all had to waddle outta there! ha

Here are a couple of smiling faces and their completed projects!!

Emma with her yarn wrapped bracelet!

Too cute!

Yarn wrapped letters were fun too, but much more challenging to do than we thought. It's is difficult to get all the
ends covered without having to do some fancy wrapping!

Lynette made this cute yarn wrapped jar pencil holder! Now don't tell me you can't spin a yarn!!

Yarn wrapped bracelets were one of my favorite projects along with a wrapped wine bottle.

Here is a parting shot of the hostess with a few of her cousins (including me!) getting a quick pic taken by Tanner before we headed home. Had a blast--now isn't that what it's all about???.....

This will look cute sporting some crazy daisies come summertime!!

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