Monday, January 16, 2012

I Heart You (Pinterest!)

I was looking for a Valentines Day card at Target a couple of weeks ago. Picked up one for baby Jack but a few seconds later I put it back. Should I buy a card for Jack, I don't think so. I wanted something he would actually look at. What 10 month old wants a card from his Granna. And...what Granna want to give her Jack just an ordinary Valentine.

I had an idea from Pinterest that I thought was perfect. So finally today, it's ready to be mailed!A little side note here, if you are going to make one of these, it will need a larger envelope then you might think so be prepared! I didn't get to use the cute turquoise one. Sad face here because the envelope is almost as important as what's inside!

Make one for your little friends instead of buying a card. It is sure to bring a Valentine grin to their face!

Fold and cut your hearts just like you did in grade school. 

My hearts were red, pink and orange. I used orange and red thread.
You could use contrasting colors as well.

On your machine, sew your hearts in one straight line.

I used scrapbook paper. It sews very well.
But construction paper would work too.

Looks cute on the porch outside.

Add a handwritten note or poem...and mail it off!


  1. You are so creative! Wish I had just 1/4 of what you have. These are all very cute and look pretty simple but I would still manage to mess 'em up.

    1. Joyce you could do this! Found some old pics of us I am going to scan!