Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thrift Store Surprises!

You just never know what you will find in a local thrift store!

Today I stopped in a local charity thrift store just to look around.  I decided to take a peek in a small room that only held a few items, and spotted an unusual but interesting looking sectional couch. I had never seen one like it, but since I lov'em I took a closer look. There was just something about it...

I think this thrift store used to house an old gas station, there are about 4 small rooms and you just have to wander around. I spotted a rusted but nice bird feeder for 1.50 and went to the register to pay. I just had to ask about the couch. The young couple behind the counter said it had been donated but they decided just to keep it. Then she told me that one night she was reading an antique newsletter and there was a picture and an article about a sectional just like the one sitting in that room! She said she even woke her husband to tell him about it! Mrs Thrift Store mentioned the designers name and that is was from the 60's. And it's not for sale.

For some reason, I guess because I think my house is too small, I do not own a sectional. My Mother did. And her house had only 5 rooms. I remember our couch well. It filled up the entire room...just like a sectional should.

Herman Miller sectional. I will come back to admire you and visit from time to time. And hopefully  someday, someone will put you in a room you can fill up. Just like my Mom did with hers.

This is exactly like the sectional seating I saw at the thrift store today.
 Except that the upholstery was a grey floral pattern and worn.
I had to sit on it and yes, I fell in love.
Herman Miller Donald Chadwick Modular Seating Couch. 

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