Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gifts of Ghosts for Christmas?

I never liked ghost hunting. I never believed in any of it....But my Tanner does. Once after watching Ghost Hunters, he passed by our basement door and looked down the dark halls and said...COME OUT, SHOW YOURSELF!

I didn't go much for that. I did tell him to stop talking to the ghosts, we were home alone. If he's gonna call out the ghostlings I want it to be a full house. 

Which brings me to the point of this ghostly post. Our neighbors Heith and Shannon also  believe there are ghosts out there. Health has access to a special camera so the three of them decided to go "ghost hunting" a few weeks our old barn. I had a wonderful plan to sneaking down to the barn to make certain they would "see" or "hear" a ghost. Wow, such a good idea...but I didn't do it. Not enough time to work out my ghostly plan.

I ran across this book out shopping the other day and thought how perfect for our neighbors

Merry Christmas Heith and Shannon, and don't be too scared!

Tennessee Ghosts 

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