Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blessings and God Talk

I have a friend who recently asked my opinion of remarks on facebook about God. Like, "If you are a true Christian, you will repost this" kind of thing.   I said, "You mean all the "God-talk" that goes on. She smiled and said  "yes, that is a good way to describe it."

I continued to say that we need to be very careful and sincere before we participate in "God-talk" since there is an awful lot of ramblings that go on. You know, it has to be "heart-talk" as well.

Anyway, hope I haven't offended any fellow Christians, and if it does, you will be happy to read some of my own "God-talk" today.

Jessie and Jason own a small rental house that they are wanting to sell. I have been praying almost daily, really as often as the Spirit brings it to my mind, that the house would sell.  What I've really been asking is not only would it sell, but that someone would be truly blessed by it. That it would be purchased by someone who really needs it and would be thankful for it. This has been a prayer of mine for about a month.

Well Jessie calls me a couple of days ago. She recieved a call from Paula their realtor, who had received a call from an insurance company.

Are you with me still?
The insurance company wanted to do a 3 month lease for a family who lives 2 doors away. Seems a tree had fallen on their house a few weeks ago and this family is needing temporary housing. The family wanted to rent Jessie and Jason's house, which is empty. It will allow them to be close to their home while repairs are being done and pick up items they may need without moving everything.

Now even though the house did not sell, many are being blessed by this action.
1.   The family that needs housing.
2.   The insurance company that is happy- cause they have a happy client.
3.   The real estate company. They have a new contact for insurance business.
4.   The staging company, as they will get paid to "restage" the house in 3 months.
5.   Jessie and Jason, the 3 month lease will really help while she is on maternity leave.

Isn't this a great "God-talk". Don't be afraid to talk to God about the deep things in your heart!

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