Tuesday, December 21, 2010


jane fonda is 73? no way! 
the year-1982
the workout-jane fonda

this was before we even owned a vcr. i had the famous workout on a cd. now make sure you read this correctly...a cd...the workout was on a cd -played in a cd player.

i think i used my wonderful library card, checked out her book and cd, and the obsession began.

wow, i knew that workout so well...it was "burned" in my memory...and still is. 
jane...we 80's moms loved you, and still do. 

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  1. I remember mom doing her workouts all the time. She had on a bright pink and white striped leotard and a pink sweatband around her head! She could always kick her leg really high above her head too. I believe Brandy and me even tried doing it with mom occasionally. Fun times!!! :)