Friday, July 9, 2010


don't ya just love summer, i do. what do you love about it? well here are a few of my favorite things:

camping at indian boundary
trip to the beach, THE beach
bike rides
going to work without a sweater
wearing flip flops
riding with the window down
mowing (am i crazy!)
killing wasps with spray (i love doing this)

best summers were in vonore as a kid, wow, those were fun summers:

playing with cousins
watching the garden grow
being outside all day
eating hot dogs
going to chilhowee lake
riding in our convertible
walking (we called it walking instead of hiking)
dusty roads
bike rides

yeah! tanner and i are joining jes, jason, jamey, jennifer (no we are not the duggars!) chelsea and bella at dollywood tomorrow! summer is going by WAY to fast!

have fun!

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