Saturday, April 10, 2010

a little something for you

thought i would post a little something that i made and a little something that greg made, (for me).  
first what greg made for me.
i mentioned that a tree we had in the woods would be perfect for a swing.  and that i would love to have one.  a few days later and guess what i have?  a swing in the woods!  (well the beginning of one anyway.) it's going to be alot of fun when bella comes to visit and hopefully that will be soon.  i'm thinking this will be a great chapter for "adventure girl".
love the birds singing in the background!

  a few days ago i made this H for our new bookcase.  i know there are plenty of alphabet items out there now, but hey, i made it and it was fun.  used mod podge and scrapbook paper so it would be exactly the color i wanted.  would you like one?  just "say something" at the bottom of this post and it's yours for the asking.  just let me know the letter you need and what colors you'd like.  would love to send one your way, and hey, it free!  doesn't get any better than that.  i can only do a few so...i'm waiting...just ask...


  1. Your H is so cute, I love it!

  2. I would love to have one, how about an E. I really like the print you used. My favorite color is yellow though, so whatever you think. You can surprise me. Thanks!