Saturday, March 27, 2010

greg and i had planned to canoe on the hiwassee river thursday but rain prevented it.  not sure about weather on friday, we decided to stay closer to home and spent the day in tellico.  indian boundary lake was empty, except for two people who were crazy enought to get out there in 45 degree rainy weather.  it was cold and windy so we only stayed on the water for about an hour.
after getting the canoe back on the 4 runner, (which greg can do by himself with a creative gadget someone made for him) we drove to bald river falls by way of turkey creek.

after a peek at the falls it was lunch at "nut n' fancy" where we ran into some friends, the smeltzers.  they run camp livingstones which is a christian adventure camp in etowah. it's a great place that we are lucky to have in our area.

it was a good day

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