Friday, March 12, 2010

dam greed

i've just finished a book that should be required reading for monroe county residents. including those folks living in the communities of rarity bay, kahite, or tellico village. it is the heartwrenching story of what happened in this small farming community during the 1970's.

growing up in vonore during the 60's and 70's was a treat. i took for granted the fact that we could ride our bikes to fort loudon and had the tellico river flowing thought the corn field just beyond our back yard. the little tennessee river was down the road. so close and barely out of our sight. days were filled playing outside with cousins and friends, scouting, and having fun just being a kid.

the 70's were a little different around vonore. cars with bumper stickers that read, "save the litte t" and later "save the snail darter." i am not sure any of us realized the magnitude of what was about to happen. i know i didn't.

the last few years i have been thinking more and more about the flooding of the little tennessee river. maybe because i have grown to appreciate the outdoors more and am realizing just what was lost. i had been doing some searches on the internet and even tried to find a vintage "save the snail darter" t-shirt.

little did i know during this time there was a book being written and it would be a story that i needed to read. thank you fran dorwood for "dam greed." and thank you for being the voice of many. find the book and read it, you will not be disappointed.

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