Saturday, March 20, 2010

beautiful saturday

what a beautiful saturday in east tennessee. here's just a one of the many things we did today.

first of all we put up my birdhouse that was a christmas present from jessie. it has a clear plastic back so you can see the birds building the nest and hopefully watch eggs hatch.

word of warning from my sister marna.
she remembers my dad putting one of these up when she was a little girl. oh how sweet to watch the birds coming in and building their home day by day. then, at last, eggs! they are starting a family. the little birds hatched and soon afterward the sun became very, very, very warm. really, really warm against the sliding glass door that my dad had decided would be the perfect spot for the birdhouse. well, what happened next? yes, the baby birds baked in the sun. actually baked in just a few hours. mama bird and daddy bird never returned, not even to save their young. guess they thought the daddy maynard should have known better than to put a plastic birdhouse on a sliding glass door that would get so hot in the sun you couldn't even touch it.

so that is why you see our little home for the birds on a window that is in the front of our house, protected by some shade.
(good thing she told me that story cause i was about to make the same mistake!)

will keep you posted and let you know what our feathered friends think of the house.

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