Monday, September 28, 2009

reality shows

ok, i admit it. i watch some of them.

when reality shows were first introduced i refused to watch. one afternoon when i was not feeling well and was home, i caught an episode of little people big world. and then before i knew it, every afternoon i was watching little people big world. since i have not seen this show in a very long time, i'm excited to report that on monday night, october 12 it is going to be on again! in fact, it is going to be on for hours. yeah! little people big world!

i also love to watch those duggars! i tell everyone i wish i had 18 kids! now i know lots of people think they are insane, but who cares if they're gonna have 18 kids (and counting). they all appear to be happy. if i had known the duggars were going to pigeon forge to meet dolly, i probably would have taken a little weekend trip to the mountains myself! the duggars, little people, the little couple, say yes to the dress. love all of those. and YES i know that other reality show is not mentioned as a favorite. in fact i can't even bring myself to type their names, but you will probably guess who they are from the following description.

the show i am talking about is full of yelling, screaming, tummy tucking, teeth whitening, hair plugging, disrespecting fake people. poor kids. i even turn the tv channel during a preview.
the other day at walmart, i turned a dvd of this family around backward! weird thing is, why would i do that? why do i even care if they are selling dvd's!

maybe i could have a reality show about watching reality shows.

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